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Top 5 unexpected uses of hammock chair and DIY’s

Do It Yourself Hammock Home Innovations

Ever thought of making home innovations simply using the concept of a hammock chair (hanging an object from the ceiling)? The way to impress any visitors is to make one or two DIY home innovations yourself. Basing your idea on hammocks not only makes your home innovation more interesting but gives your guests a sense of style. This article is mostly about sparking ideas for unexpected uses of hammock chair. I do not write to instruct, I merely present the audience with different ideas. Some of these ideas do include homemade hammocks. It is up to you to decide what you would like to do.

It does not have to be based on the idea of a conventional hammock with cotton. It doesn’t even need to be used as a chair. But it could, for example, be a wooden piece hung from the ceiling but rope, and used as a table, instead of having a traditional table with four legs.

1. Instant DIY Hammock

DIY hammock chair | Best Hammock Chair

The photo above explains how simple your DIY project can be.  It requires nothing more than a bed sheet and a few pieces of rope. And, although I do not think a person would use this DIY for style, it does seem to be rather fun for the kids. Read more about this DIY here:

It’s a wonderful, inexpensive way to make your homemade hammock. But what of the professional craftsmen who would like a more elegant piece for their home?

2. Pallet Hammock Stand

DIY Hammock Chair | Best Hammock Chair

What you’d need to build this as described by the owners:

  • -10 120 cm or 47 inches pallet planks
  • -two 100 cm or 39 inch pallet planks
  • -two 50 cm or 20 inch pallet planks.
  • -9 pallet blocks.( 10 by 10 by 10cm blocks 10cm=4inches)
  • -one 100 cm or 39 inches m10 threaded rod
  • -twenty m10 nuts
  • -4 m8 nuts and bolts
  • -eight corner brackets
  • -screws
  • -two m10 end nuts
  • -m10 hanging thing
  • -screws
  • -a hammock

A simple yet beautiful design, perfect for any backyard, that will undoubtedly leave your guests with a sense of style. If you’re ever thinking about inviting your boss over, this would be the best way to show off your commitment once you put your mind to something. Your personality really reflex in the time and effort you put into your work. You can read more of this project on the following page.

3. A DIY Loft Hammock

In my opinion, one of the coolest ideas yet is the creation of a loft hammock. The net style leaves a gorgeous finish for any house’s ceiling. It also creates the best place to relax and hang out with family. Some might even go as far as sleeping on the net at night.

The photo above was provided by ‘’ In Portland, U.S.A, two friends decided to create a tiny house in their backyard which included this hammock hanging from the ceiling. Amazing feet to accomplish where you only have two people working on this project.

More Unexpected Uses for a Hammock Chair

So far we’ve only addressed the DIYs of all unexpected uses for Hammocks. I am sure there are a lot more DIY’s I could get into, but for the sake of keeping this article shorter, here are some of the more conventional uses.

4. To Rest In

This might seem like a no-brainer, but one of the uses for a hammock is simply to rest. Some of my past histories include a period my family and I had stayed in the country of Costa Rica where having a hammock is mandatory. One cannot resist the urge to just lay down on the hot summer day, relaxing, and letting the wind blow over you as you swing from side to side. It is easy to fall asleep. It gave us the ability to sleep outside at night, and if it weren’t for the mosquitoes we probably would have done it more frequently.

5. A Perfect Place to Read

One can agree that the best place to read is in an area with constant peace and quiet. Placing your hammock chair in the backyard could give you a way of escaping the noise created by the household. Some of us live with irritating siblings, or job, and responsibilities we cannot escape from. Your hammock will be your peace as you read your books and fill your mind.


Thus we end this article. There are many more uses, however, it is too much to cram into a single article. I do have that we have at least given the audience some idea as to what the possibilities are. Thank you for reading this article, and bare with me.

What are your favorite uses for a hammock chair? Let me know what you think in the comments down below! Please keep all comments civil.



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