How to Hang a Hammock Indoors and outdoors (Step by Step Guide)

The following article will show you exactly how to hang a hammock and will explain the tools, and different methods to use during the process. It is essential that you read through this article entirely to make sure that if you ever run into a situation where you need to hang a hammock you’d know what to do.

To hang a hammock chair, there are couples of options out there. In this post, Let’s see 4 most common ways to hang a hammock chair. Skip to the steps that you require. We also added some beautiful resources to help you till the end down below.

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How to Hang a Hammock Indoor

1. Pick Two Walls

For how to hang a hammock indoors you want to find two walls in your house with studs. If the walls are facing each other make sure that they are at least the length of the hammock you want to install. Another option you can use if the walls are too far apart for the chains to reach is to hang your hammock between two walls at a 90-degree angle. In that case, you want to make sure that in the steps to come you install the hooks at a 45-degree angle to the walls. Drilling a hole at a 45-degree angle is possible, and there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube, however, it is preferable that you have two walls parallel and the right distance apart. Furthermore, remember to make sure the walls are sturdy and not busy crumbling apart.

2. Use A Stud Finder

Use a stud finder to find studs in the wall. Hold up the stud finder against the wall close to where you would expect studs to be. Press the calibrate button and wait for the beeping to stop. Then slowly start moving the device horizontally across the wall until it beeps. Mark the spot with a pencil. You want to make sure that your beeps aren’t false studs by testing the spot multiple times with your stud finder. You can pick up a stud finder at your local stores or online. We encourage you to look online as it is easier to compare prices and quality.

3. Drilling

Drill a hole in the stud and make sure the hole is deep enough for the screw to go all the way in. Also, check that you have the right drill bit for the screw. The drill bit should be just a little smaller than the screw going into the hole. The reason is to allow the screw to pull in as you screw-it! When the hole drilled is too small you will find a crack start to form in the stub, but if the hole drilled is too big the screw will not pull at all.

If you have a hammock with spread bars be sure to drill the hole somewhere around 4-5 feet high. If you are a traditional hammock kinda guy/gal your holes should be drilled 6-8 feet from the floor. These are simple guidelines to help you find the correct spot, but choose the height you are most comfortable with.

4. Heavy Duty Eye Bolts

Use heavy duty eye bolts that screw into the holes you have drilled. Each eye bolt should be strong enough to at least hold up your own body weight. You can pick heavy duty eye bolt screws at your local hardware store. Make sure that the screw part of the eye bolt goes all the way in. Repeat the process of stud finding, drilling and screwing on the other wall as well. Once you have both walls sorted it’s time to move onto the next, and final step.

5. Attach Hammock To The Eye Bolt

Time to Relax

Attach your hammock to the eye bolt either with an S-hook or with carabiners. Again make sure that whichever one you use, it can hold your body weight. Ensuring it can take the weight of a human is important for your safety and the safety of others that may want to use the hammock.


How to Hang a Hammock from a Tree

Trees in a field

1. Find Two Trees

Find two very sturdy trees spaced apart from the same length as your hammock. Make sure it is the right length apart or it is likely that the user’s back will be in contact with the ground and the hammock will form a very uncomfortable slope.

If the length between the two trees is greater than the length of the hammock you can easily use chains or rope that will help to extend the length. Make sure that the length added is about 18 inches long or it might rip.

If you plan on hanging a hammock within your home, you might need to buy hooks, and have a drill handy unless you have columns in or around your house, in which case you can follow the same steps as prescribed above for trees.

Depending on your situation you might want to drill holes in the walls of the room you wish to hang the hammock. Install two hooks and test their weight capacity. It is important to make sure that the hooks can handle the weight you place on it. Make sure the hooks are spaced apart from the same length of the hammock or use rope/chains to extend your hammock.

2. Use a Tree Strap

Use a tree strap. Tree straps are fabric straps with a loop on one end and a metal ring on the other. They are used to protect the tree bark from getting damaged. Any farmer can tell you that if you cut the bark of a tree you are essentially killing it. The reasons you want to avoid this as much as possible range from environmental protection to avoiding home garden disasters. A dead tree can also be a safety hazard as the possibility of branches falling on you or a family member are that much greater. Not to mention that dead trees can potentially attract termites and other wood consuming insects. Take our advice and buy a tree strap before attempting to hang a hammock.

Wrap the tree strap around one of the trees you want to use to hang a hammock. Pass the metal ring through the loop and repeat the process with tree number two. Make sure the tree strap sits firmly around the tree. If you don’t own tree straps already, you can buy them online, or at a local supplies store.

3. Attach Hammock to Tree Strap

You want to hook the tree strap rings to the ends of the hammock. It is important that the type of hooks you use can withstand heavy loads to make sure that it doesn’t bend under the weight of a human. Check the packaging for information on just how much weight the hooks can withstand. And even if you have gotten the right hooks, you might want to check by just lightly sitting on the hammock to see if the hook will give, before letting others sit on it. You can buy hooks online or at your local supplies store.

4. How High Up?

Check that you have placed the hammock 4 – 5 feet up the bark of the tree. And by 4 – 5 feet I do not mean that you should place it 4 – 5 = -1 feet high! That’s not possible unless you berry it a foot deep underground. You want to keep it not so low that your butt is going to be touching the ground, but not too high as to cause you to do the splits and flip trying to get onto it. It must be just right, and Wikihow recommends that if you have a hammock with wooden bars to both sides that keep it spread out, you should place it about 5 to 4 feet off(not under) the ground.

If you have a traditional hammock without bars then it should be 6 – 8 feet high. You can slide the tree straps up or down the tree depending on how far off you are. Do be considerate of little children that might want to have a go at your new hammock.

Indoor Hammock


How to Hang a Hammock Without Trees


How to Hang a Hammock on a Stand

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Now that you have set up and installed the hammock, whether inside or outside, it is time to relax. Take a deep breath and give yourself a high-five.

Hammocks are some of the most comfortable things to lay on in the world. Having lived in Costa Rica, where the hammock forms a part of the local culture, I have spent a lot of days away from society and preferred to spend my days sleeping in the air suspended above the ground.

Hammocks can be as mobile as you want them to be. You can take them with you wherever you go, and they are a perfect way to complete your beach or outdoor experience. Keep in mind the steps we have explained in this article, you will need it one day.

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Thank you for reading this article. We hope you enjoyed this educational experience as much as we did create it. If there is something we’ve missed out on please give us an update in the comments section of the article down below. 



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